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MedSoc Societies

Leeds Medical School offers a wide range of societies! Some are directly related to medicine and some are just there to be a bit of fun on the side! Getting involved in a society teaches you new skills and allows you to meet new people, especially older years that can lend you notes and gives you tips on how to survive med school!

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There are a number of Medical Charities to get involved in, some organise mind-blowing charity events like MedSoc Charities and Sexpression, some allow you to volunteer locally, like Homed and Marrow and some allow you travel and volunteer abroad.

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MedSoc Specialising Societies

In recent years a number of vocational societies have been established allowing those who have a clear idea on their career path to do as much as possible to get on the right track and others who are unsure to find out more about specific specialities.

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